100% Acrylic Latex Semi-Gloss Enamel


Duramax Semi-Gloss Enamel is an interior / exterior finish which is suitable for coating primed metal, wood or masonry surfaces. It is water thinned so it poses no fire hazard or objectionable odor. The acrylic resin provides excellent color and gloss retention as well as tenacious adhesion properties. This product complies with LEED Green Building Rating System GS-11 for interior non-flat paints.

    Where To Use:

    Metal, Woord, Masonry, Drywall

    Interior/Exterior. Duramax Enamel is suitable for top-coating tanks, towers, metal buildings, signs, wood trim, doors, furniture, walls, equipment, wherever beauty and maintenance is needed. Not recommended for unprimed wood and metal, immersion service or high corrosion areas. Not to be used as a house paint on wood siding.

Duramax Acrylic Semi-Gloss

Finish Size Price
Semi-Gloss 1 Quart $21.95
Semi-Gloss 1 Gallon $56.95