Responsible Manufacturing

Environmental Efforts and Benefits

  • Renewable electricity purchased at increased cost to manufacture products. Sources of the electricity generation include wind and biomass.
  • Products shipped on oak pallets that are from renewable sources and have maximum durability allowing O'Leary Paint to reuse numerous times, creating a closed loop. O'Leary Paint also repairs damaged pallets rather than replacing.
  • Products packaged in Polypropylene containers which are from 100% recycled content. Conventional plastic cans are produced using HDPE (high-density polyethylene) obtained from natural gas—a nonrenewable resource.
  • Products contain no measurable Volatile Organic Content or VOCs. The VOCs contribute to air pollution, are produced from hydrocarbons (oil or natural gas), and can cause allergic reactions in some people.
  • Products contain Microban to inhibit the growth of toxic molds, mildew or algae.
  • Products have been formulated for maximum hiding and durability. This allows for a longer service life of the coating. The extra longevity means more time between repaints, resulting in less use of resources. The increased hide results in fewer coats of paint, also saving raw materials and work hours. This results in a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional paints.
  • Raw materials used have virtually no odor, allowing for painting in occupied areas.
  • Zero VOC content will reduce exposure to chemicals that can cause reactions in some people, including respiratory or skin irritation.
  • Water used to produce paint is recycled from manufacturing of other coatings.